SaaS Hackathon Digital Future

Our team had a long-cherished idea to create a platform for machine learners. SaaS Hackathon Digital Future was the best event to bring it to life. During the weekend we created ImageNC – a service where visual information from images … Read MoreRead More

Tagency release!

Hashtagging has never been so simple! Tired of spending so much of your time creating and typing out hashtags? Our app will automatically generate them for you.

StartUp Survival Test

Returned to Alma Mater to participate in StartUp Survival Test. We were presenting our project IconMetric, that is capable of analyzing and comparing mobile app icons. We were in the list of 3 projects of 15 to advance to the … Read More


We spent this weekend taking part in AngelHack Weekend. During the event, we decided to give life to our long-held idea – service that tests icons for mobile applications. Within 48 hours we passed all previous stages of evaluation rounds … Read MoreRead More

AI Hackaton

We spent the weekend from 15th to 17th of April working on the new project during the AI Hackaton. The event gave us much positive, we met really interesting people, as well as our project was mentioned in the Thinkinginvestor resume.