•  “Tired of spending so much of your time creating and typing out hashtags?” Our revolutionary app will automatically generate them for you. TAGENCY is a service for generating relevant hashtags for your images before you post them to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and other social networks.
  • TAGENCY works much like the human brain, using artificial neural networks to analyze your images and create relevant hashtags. The more relevant hashtags you have associated with your images, the easier you and your images will be discovered and the more views your profile will have. TAGENCY will automatically create and copy the hashtags, so all you need to do is paste, then post!

Our sentiment analysis system

  • Technical ability to recognize the context, not only keywords
  • Variety of applicable spheres
  • Fully working Ukrainian, English and Russian version of the product
  • High speed and objective data processing based on NeoCortext technology
  • Complete automation
  • Tech

    We are developing complex artificial neural networks for each task.